1. Ms. Marvel & Captain Marvel

    two of the best characters to come out of Marvel Now. 

  2. Coloured my Star Wars IV poster that I created for Ozcomics. I’m more than happy with it, for once!

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  4. Batman and Robin 

  5. Peter Jason Quill. He’s also known as Star-Lord. 
    Who calls him that? 
    Himself, mostly. 

    Sketch of the Week - something new i’m trying out. 

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  6. Who’s a mature adult? I AM! Got my tax return and bought a lightsaber! :D. #starwars #lightsaber #awesome #kenobi

  7. After trying like twenty times for tumblr to up-load this image correctly, i ended up just taking a screen capture of it. 

    I’m just about to leave to head to the advance screening in IMAX!

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  8. grayson01 said: Hi so i just found your blog and you're an ammmazzzzing artist, but i was trying to sort through your art, and couldnt find it all unless i went into your archive. do u have a tag where i can see all the artwork by you? Thanks so much

    Hey! Thankyou :)

    I’m still a bit of a tumblr newbie. But now I’ve gone through and tagged all my artwork appropriately. I’m still working on putting a link to the tag somewhere on my blog, but here’s the url in the meantime for your viewing pleasure :)


  9. quick Obi-Wan Kenobi sketch. Apologies for the extremely lazy colouring

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  10. Batman75 piece done for a facebook comp as well as a submission for a gallery exhibit. 

    Edit: updated version with new cityscape and slight tweaks with the characters in time for submission for the exhibtion. 

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